Rigging Services Staten Island

When making a move with a crane, the safety of the move always depends on the rigging. Having the right kind and type can make the difference between a safe move and a disaster. Reliable Lifting provides rigging servicesStaten Island with our cranes to ensure your move is successful and safe.

Safety First

Besides having the right size and type of crane, it is also necessary to have the right kind of rigging for the job. Rigging refers to everything that is going to be used between the crane and the object you want to move. Various factors determine which type of rigging is needed, and our experts have a lot of experience in designing and assembling it. They choose the best components for the need.

We Know the Rules

Our rigging servicesStaten Island experts keep up with the many rules pertaining to rigging. These rules change often and it is important to know all of them for safety. They are written to protect people and property and they need to be followed.

We are glad to say that Reliable Lifting has had no accidents involving damage or injury in 10 years. Part of that record is because we ensure that the correct rigging is planned in advance and used each time we make a lift.

The riggers we have know what kind of rigging is best under certain conditions, too. On a windy day, for instance, the type of rigging should be different than what is used on a calm day. If flammable objects are being moved or fragile ones, this also requires different rigging.

Field Engineers

Our engineers have more than 10 years of experience. They pre-determine the needs and equipment needed in advance and develop critical lift plans to ensure safety and a successfully completed lift. Whether you just have a need for one lift or many, our engineers can help your moves to be safe and efficient.

The Cranes

We have a large variety of cranes of all sizes and types. They are capable of lifting anywhere from 8 to 450 tons. This includes boom trucks, knuckle boom cranes, and more. We are the best commercial crane company in Queens.

Each crane can be obtained without or without an operator. If needed, cranes and operators are available on a 24/7 basis. In order to meet your needs for long-term projects, we also make our cranes available for rent by the month or longer.

The Crane Operators

All of our crane operators are well-trained and experienced. They are also certified through NCCCO, ANSI, and OSHA.

When you need a crane from Reliable, we provide you with many services. We bring the crane to you when you need it, set it up quickly, and we even get the permits you need for the move – if needed. We also take care of storage.

Reliable Lifting serves the New York City and tri-state area. Our rigging services Staten Island are available for each move you have if desired. All of our engineers are professionals and are very interested in successful moves and customer satisfaction.


Rigging Services Staten Island

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