Rigging Specialist New York

When you have a lift job that needs to be done but you are not sure of what type of rigging to use, you want to get a rigging specialist New York. This specialist can help you with all aspects of the move and ensure the safety of it.

Specialists in Rigging Services

A specialist in rigging is knowledgeable and experienced in all kinds of moves. They also know the latest rules – which are always changing – and can ensure the safety of personnel, property, and the load. Rules may vary with different locations, so you will want to be sure to get a specialist from your area.

A rigging specialist New York is equipped to know how to prepare rigging of all kinds for many different types of jobs. This includes moving materials for construction, for deconstruction, or for rescue operations, and more.

Safety Is the Goal

The safety of any move depends on the quality of your rigging. If it is insufficient, or faulty, the load could be lost and people injured or even killed.

It is especially important when moving loads that have unique shapes, fragile objects or involve hazardous materials. A specialist also considers other factors such as wind, distance of the move, and height. The crane size also needs to be right for the load.

The rigging involves more than just connection points. It also involves the strength of the cables, straps, connections, slings, hoists, and even the materials used. The wrong materials or connections could mean the lift fails. Each piece of the rigging must also be checked to ensure that it is in good condition and rated to lift a particular load.

Our Reliable Lifting Cranes

Reliable Lifting in Brooklyn provides a wide range of cranes for lift jobs ranging from 8 to 450 tons. When one of our cranes is rented, you can also get an operator with it. All of our operators are trained and certified by OSHA, NCCCO, and ANSI. Both are available on a 24/7 basis. A rigger is also available to help ensure that you get a move with no complications.

Our cranes are available for rent by the hour, day, or even months at a time. We provide a discount when you rent for more than 30 days. All of our cranes are well-maintained and kept in peak condition – and they are insured, too.

We only use the best riggers in the area. They are all trained and certified, as well as having considerable experience with lift jobs and different types of loads. Reliable Lifting has a track record of zero accidents in ten years. This is because each lift is carefully planned in advance by experts.

Reliable Lifting is located in Brooklyn, NY, and we serve the tri-state area. We have been enabling lift jobs for 15 years. For each lift we provide, we are glad to make our rigging specialist New York available, and we obtain all permits needed for the job, and we handle the storage and transportation of the crane. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


Rigging Specialist New York

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