Cranes And Boom Trucks Companies Brooklyn

When you need a crane for your next lift, you will likely wonder which one of the cranes and boom trucks companies Brooklyn you should hire. While you are apt to look at several in the New York City area, the Reliable Lifting crane company invites you to take a careful look at our services and track record.

Our Cranes

We have a wide variety of cranes that are ready for use. Our cranes can lift anything from 8 tons up to 450 tons. When you need mid-size or small cranes we can help you. Our boom trucks make lifting in tight spaces possible. Reliable Lifting specializes in moving HVAC units, trusses, steel, and most anything else.

Cranes can be rented for specific lifts, or by the day or longer. They also are available 24 hours a day – with or without an operator, and can be used in commercial, industrial, and residential lifts. We offer special prices when you rent for a month or longer.

Our Operators

Our crane operators are available any time you rent a crane. We do not require that you use them, but you can be sure that when you do, that each one is fully licensed and experienced. Each one of our operators has been certified by the NCCCO, ANSI, and OSHA.

Our Record

When you look at various cranes and boom trucks companies Brooklyn, we invite you to check out our safety record. In our 15 years of existence, we have not yet had one accident involving personal injuries or environmental problems. Each move is carefully planned in advance in order to minimize the possibility of any unnecessary risks.

Pre-Job Planning

When you need help in making a move, we can provide the site investigation and planning. Our field engineers have more than 10 years of experience in evaluating a job and determining specific needs for it. This ensures the safety of personnel, equipment, and the load.

Licenses and Insurance

Each one of our cranes is well maintained and inspected. We keep them in top shape for safety and to be ready for use. They are also fully insured.


When you need rigging services and other equipment, we can also make those arrangements. Our experts can help you with all the rigging requirements you need for your next lift. They are trained and certified, and can handle even complex requirements.

Handling of Equipment

The Reliable Lifting company takes care of many of your lift needs for you. We handle the trucking and bring the crane to you, handle the rigging, take care of storage, and we even get the permits you need for you. We also take care of any other special needs that might be required for the move.

The next time you need to look for cranes and boom trucks companies Brooklyn, call Reliable Lifting and let us tell you how we can meet your needs. Our company is one of the best crane companies in the New York City area. Our wide selection of cranes, lift capacities, and other services are sure to meet your need.


Cranes And Boom Trucks Companies Brooklyn

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