Commercial Rigging Services Long Island

Every lift that you make with a crane is going to use rigging. It has to be just right so that your commercial move is made safely, and products and personnel are protected. The Reliable Lifting crane company provides expert commercial rigging services Long Island with every lift.

The Company

When you want to make a lift in the New York City area, the Reliable Lifting company in Brooklyn can handle it. We are a mid-size crane company that has been in existence for about 15 years.

During that time, we have managed to attain to a zero incident practice in the last 10 years. Our safety record shows that we care to do things right.

Rent Our Cranes

We have a wide variety of cranes for most commercial needs. Our cranes can move between 8 to 450 tons. They can be rented by the hour or for multiple months. We give discounts when they are rented for more than 30 days.

Whenever our cranes are rented, we always offer our specialists to help you. They have more than 10 years of experience. Our expert riggers are available as part of our commercial rigging services Long Island, and they can plan your move so that everything goes smoothly and as expected.

Crane Operators

Every time one of our cranes is rented, we give that company the option to get an operator with it. All of our operators are experts with a lot of experience, and they helped us to gain our no accident record. Operators are not required, but if you decide to use one of ours, they are available 24/7.

Let Our Riggers Do the Planning

Professional riggers help make commercial moves safe. It is especially important that professionals be used with heavy loads and large objects. There may be factors involved that the average person might not see when making the lift, such as wind, overhead hazards, having the right hardware, etc.

Certification is essential for riggers. All of ours are OSHA certified, as well as having NCCCO and ANSI certifications, and they also have considerable experience. They know what kind of rigging is needed for large and heavy loads, which helps to ensure the safety of everyone nearby – and the load.

Avoid Dropped Loads

On commercial projects, or any project for that matter, a dropped load, or a damaged one, is going to set your project deadline back. Stay on target with one of our expert riggers, and keep within your budget. Insurance companies also expect certified riggers to be on hand.

Whenever a crane is to be rented, we provide many services for you. We will obtain all permits, rigging, and storage. All of our cranes are insured and inspected, and kept in top operating condition.

Reliable Lifting in Brooklyn has cranes available for the New York City and tristate area. We continue to be one of the top companies in the city. When you need a crane, be sure to ask about out commercial rigging services Long Island so that all moves are safe. Call us today about your lift needs at (718) 414-1103.


Commercial Rigging Services Long Island

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