Emergency Crane Rental Companies Long Island

When you have an emergency requiring the use of a crane, Reliable Lifting can provide you with all the services you need. As one of the emergency crane rental companies Long Island, we provide everything you need including the cranes, the operators, the rigging, and the expertise needed for safe and quick lifts.

The Cranes

We have several types and sizes of cranes to ensure that you can obtain the best one for your needs. They can lift anything from 8 to 450 tons and they are available 24/7. The cranes are well-maintained, inspected, and insured.

Each of our cranes can be rented for a few hours or even for a few months. If it is needed for more than one month, we are glad to give you a discount. When you rent one of our cranes, we will bring the crane to you, store it when needed, and we also obtain all necessary permits for you.

The Rigging

Along with a crane and an operator, having the correct rigging can make the difference between a safe move and an unsafe one. Reliable Lifting can provide you with the right type of rigging for all of your lift jobs. Our professional riggers work with all types of rigging and can design and build the kind of rigging you need for emergency lifts. All of our rigging is carefully inspected before each lift and meets the requirements set by OSHA and ASME – along with all hardware necessary for the lift.

The Crane Operators

When you have an emergency and need both a crane and an operator, we are one of the emergency crane rental companies Long Island that make available both our cranes and our operators 24/7. Getting a crane from us does not require that you also get an operator, but they are available when needed.

All of our operators are very experienced and are thoroughly trained in safety. Each one is also certified by OSHA, ANSI, and NCCCO. Over the years, it has been our specialty to move steel, HVAC units, and trusses.

Our Safety Record

Our company has an excellent safety record. Because of our extra care and careful engineering of each move, we have had 10 years of being accident-free – not having had any personal injuries or environmental incidents. This is also due to our emphasis on training our employees in safety and certifying each one.

Our field engineers have more than 10 years of experience and can help ensure that care is given in or out of any emergency situation. They ensure that every move is safe, well thought out, and designed to minimize all risks.

When you need to look for emergency crane rental companies Long Island, you need to carefully consider the services of Reliable Lifting. We are located in Brooklyn and serve the tri-state area. In addition to providing expert services, we also give you competitive prices. We invite you to contact us when looking for emergency crane services – or standard lifting services – and let us tell you how we can help you.


Emergency Crane Rental Companies Long Island

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