Crane Pickup Services Queens

Getting your load lifted when you need it moved is important to complete your job on time. You also need to ensure that you get the right-sized crane to safely move the loads and an experienced operator who has the experience to move it safely. Crane pickup services are available in the New York City area that can meet your project demands.

Choice of Knuckle Boom Cranes

At Reliable Lifting, we have many cranes to choose from. This enables you to get just the size you need to lift your load safely. Because we have so many, we can deliver the crane when you need it. 

Our cranes can lift loads that range from 8 to 450 tons. This gives you plenty of lift power along with a wide range of height and distance. Our boom trucks can get into small spaces when needed for inner-city applications.

Queens Rigging Services

Along with our other crane pickup services, we can also provide you with expert riggers for the job. When you have unique or odd-shaped components that need to be moved, our riggers are some of the best in the industry. Having the correct rigging helps ensure that you get a safe move without injury or damage.


Renting a crane from Reliable Lifting does not mean you have to have our operators involved in the lift. We do want you to know, though, that they are highly qualified, having been certified and licensed through NCCCO, ANSI, and OSHA. Whenever a crane is rented from us, we have operators available for it 24/7. 

Our Planning

Anytime that Reliable Lifting is going to make a lift, it is thoroughly planned in advance. We ensure that we know everything that is needed to make a safe move, and an economic one, too. 

Our Safety Record

Our company has made many moves over the years. Because of our careful planning and using the best riggers and highly trained operators, we are glad to say that we have been accident-free for the last ten years. This means that there have been no personal injuries and no environmental damage during that time.


We carefully maintain all of our cranes to ensure that they are ready for safe operation. They meet all of the required inspections when you rent it so that you can complete a safe move on time. They are also well insured.

Getting the Crane to You

When you need one of our cranes, we are glad to bring it to you, as well as deliver it back to our yard. Our cranes can be rented for as long as you need it to complete your project – by the hour, day, week, or even months at a time. When you rent it for more than a month, we are glad to provide a discount. 

Reliable Lifting has been operating now for about 15 years. We are located in Brooklyn, NY and service the entire tristate area. Contact us today for your project needs and let us tell you how our crane pickup services can help you complete it on time.

Crane Pickup Services Queens

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